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May 19, 2014
Port au Prince, Haiti

For the past two weeks Critical Path volunteers have been delivering food, clean water, powdered milk, infant care items and emergency medical services to orphans and abandoned children in Croix-Des-Bouquets and other areas around Port au Prince. Most of these children would not survive without our protection and care.

Based on current UN statistics there are approximately 2 million orphans and abandoned children in Haiti. The national unemployment rate is over 80%.  The infant mortality rate is the highest in the Western Hemisphere. The average life expectancy is 53 years. Haiti is overwhelmed by extreme poverty, disease and corruption.

We are deeply grateful for your continued support of our mission to protect almost 500 orphans and abandoned children here. Through your generous contributions they receive healthy food, clean water, milk, medical care and education—a chance at life. We are the only family most of them have ever known.

At Rosemina Orphanage located near Route Frere in Port au Prince we completed the installation of electrical lighting for the new boys dormitory recently constructed by Critical Path volunteers. 25 boys can now read and study in the evening without candle light.

Please notice in the photo stream below the children receiving candy.  Many of them have never tasted candy, so it’s a special moment to watch them experience “Surette” for the first time.

You will also notice in the photo stream a young man who lost his leg in the 7.0 earthquake in 2010. His name is Bazelais Merantus. He is a 17 years old orphan who was brought to Rosemina 5 years ago following the death of his father.

Bazelais has no birth certificate, but we are trying to reconstruct his personal records and apply for a visa to take him to Miami for surgery and fitting for a prosthetic leg. We are hopeful that an orthopedic surgeon will volunteer to provide medical care for Bazelais and that our supporters will help with the purchase of his new prosthesis. Please let us know if you would like to help Bazelais walk again.  He is a smart, kind-hearted boy with exceptional potential.

Critical Path has recently applied for legal status as an authorized humanitarian NGO (Non Government Organization) in The Bahamas. We currently provide food and other humanitarian assistance to orphans and abandoned children living in extreme poverty on New Providence Island (Nassau). With approved NGO status we intend to develop mobile kitchens and regular feeding programs for the large number of children who live in the slums and shanty towns scattered across New Providence Island.  We have contracted to purchase approximately $75,000 of cooking equipment to build two mobile kitchens. We will begin the regular feeding programs as soon as possible. We would be pleased to provide additional information about this new Critical Path initiative in The Bahamas at your request.

Most of us are blessed to have choices. These choices determine the direction and quality of our lives.  However, orphans and abandoned children living in extreme poverty have few choices. Our mission at Critical Path is to protect, love and care for as many of these children as possible and give them a chance at life. Every life saved is a victory.

Our mission at Critical Path is limited only by our imagination, determination, and the resources available to us through your generous support. We are completely transparent and financially accountable to our supporters, and are pleased to provide detailed information and/or documentation regarding the use of your donations upon request.

The leadership of Critical Path International receives no compensation for our services.

God bless you.


Charles P. Beall
Critical Path International
Nassau, The Bahamas

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