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Extreme Child Poverty—The Challenge

In hundreds of squalid tent camps and slums scattered across the Caribbean, millions of children struggle
to survive each day without clean water, healthy food, basic shelter and medical care. In Haiti, more than
two million orphans and abandoned children are trapped in the worst poverty in the Western Hemisphere–
their fragile lives overwhelmed by filth, disease and abuse.

Our Mission Objective – Critical Path Foundation

Crisis Response Operations – Bahamas and Caribbean

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  Given the remarkable progress in technology, medicine and general living conditions that we have achieved over the past 50 years, it's difficult to comprehend the scale of extreme poverty and human suffering that still exists in the world. The encouraging news is that we are making huge strides in overcoming global poverty.  According to World Vision, a quarter of the global population has risen out of extreme poverty since 1990, surviving on less than $2.00 a day.  However, tens of millions of children around the world still go to sleep hungry, sick and afraid each night. The number of children dying today from hunger and disease is less than half what it was in 1990, but we still lose almost 15,000 globally each day.

With all of our advancements and progress there is still much work to be done, if we are determined to eliminate extreme poverty and the suffering of millions of children. We must not turn away from their cries for help, but find the courage and will to confront the human exploitation and abuse that is the cause of this intolerable human condition. 

We know that traditional government-to-government aid is not the solution to extreme poverty. Billions of dollars in foreign aid and charitable donations are stolen, mismanaged and wasted each year by corrupt governments who are resistant to transparency and financial accountability. By design and function governments focus on state security and territorial economic control, not measurable results and sustainable solutions to human suffering. The problem is not a lack of humanitarian resources to fight extreme poverty, but the wide-spread mismanagement and squandering of those resources.

Our mission at Critical Path Foundation is to defeat the cycle of extreme child poverty. Transparency, accountability and integrity are the core values that guide our mission. Our humanitarian efforts are focused on meaningful, measureable and sustainable results that change lives-one child at a time.

Critical Path Foundation collaborates with PureH2O, Ltd®, Nassau, Bahamas ( to design, build and operate clean drinking water systems for impoverished children in the Caribbean region. We also provide food, shelter, and medical care for orphans and abandoned children through our humanitarian relief and crisis response operations.

"Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone"


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