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Critical Path Foundation supplies clean water, food, shelter and medical care to severely impoverished children in the Caribbean region. Our humanitarian mission is focused on the protection and care of orphans and abandoned children living in extreme poverty.

Our organization was founded by Charles Beall, a successful entrepreneur, following the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010. The earthquake killed 300,000 people and left millions homeless.

Two days after the earthquake, Charlie traveled through the Dominican Republic to Port au Prince, Haiti to serve in the disaster relief effort. Hundreds of thousands of people were crushed under collapsed buildings and mountains of the earthquake debris.

In the weeks that followed, Charlie coordinated the distribution of clean water, food and emergency medical care to thousands of survivors throughout the country. He organized and led rescue teams that recovered dozens of severely injured children from the earthquake debris. He brought together a group of volunteer medical doctors and established a fully operational surgical facility in the damaged medical clinic at Delmas 19, Port au Prince. Rotating teams of doctors worked 24/7 in a makeshift surgical facility without electricity or sanitary conditions, at great risk to their own safety. Hundreds of critically injured were treated and saved by the volunteer medical teams at Delmas 19.

It was from Charlie's personal experience during the disaster relief effort in Haiti that the vision for Critical Path Foundation was born.

Critical Path Foundation is led by volunteers who receive no compensation for their services. Our lean and flat operating structure minimizes administrative and overhead costs. We are completely transparent and accountable to those who support our mission. Our efforts to protect and care for suffering children are guided by compassion, integrity and faith. We believe that every child deserves a chance at life. Our success is measured One Child at a Time.


From the Soul of the Orphaned Child…

"The Lord possessed me at
the beginning of His way

When He drew a circle on
the face of the deep

When He established
the clouds above

When He assigned
the sea its limit

When He marked out the
foundations of the earth

I was beside Him"

The Story of Critical Path Foundation (Documentary, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, 2011)

  "May There Always Be
An Angel By Your Side"


Critical Path Foundation
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