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Extreme Child Poverty—The Challenge

In hundreds of squalid tent camps and slums scattered across the Caribbean, millions of children struggle
to survive each day without clean water, healthy food, basic shelter and medical care. In Haiti, more than
two million orphans and abandoned children are trapped in the worst poverty in the Western Hemisphere–
their fragile lives overwhelmed by filth, disease and abuse.

Our Mission Objective – Critical Path Foundation

CNN Video
Brian Todd CNN Situation Room; Rescue of Dying Boy-Port au Prince, Haiti (dateline).

  This tragic human condition transcends geographic borders, political ideology, race and religion. It is not caused by the bad decisions of innocent children. Severely neglected and impoverished children have no control over their circumstances.

There is no single cause of this growing humanitarian crisis. Wars, natural disasters, government corruption, parental neglect—each play a role. Governments and large humanitarian organizations (NGOs) spend billions of dollars each year in response to this daunting challenge, with very limited success.

We know that the traditional way of government-to-government aid and large institutional charities is not an effective solution. Billions of dollars in foreign aid and charitable donations are stolen, misappropriated and wasted each year by corrupt public officials, unaccountable government bureaucrats, and inefficient NGOs. These organizations spend much of their budgets on "overhead, administration and salaries", and are highly resistant to change, transparency and financial accountability. The focus of government agencies and large institutional charities is on fundraising and spending, not measurable results and sustainable solutions. The problem is not a lack of humanitarian resources and intent. It is the mismanagement of these resources and the unintended consequences that have created a self-perpetuating cycle of extreme poverty for millions of children.

Our mission at Critical Path Foundation is to develop and implement new and vastly different ways to break the destructive cycle of extreme child poverty. Transparency, accountability and trust are the core values that guide our mission. Our humanitarian initiatives are focused on meaningful, measureable and sustainable results that change the lives of suffering children. This requires a more personal, hands-on/less institutional approach to this complex problem. No child can achieve a healthy, independent life without the early protection and care of responsible adults. We must protect them and provide for their physical needs before we can nourish their minds. We can then begin to introduce the guiding principles that will help each child achieve a healthy, productive and self-sufficient life. This is where our efforts must begin—One Child at a Time.

Critcal Path Foundation designs and installs clean water systems for severely impoverished children in the Caribbean region. We also provide food, shelter, medical care and love for orphans and abandoned children living in extreme poverty.

"Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone"


Critical Path Foundation
Atlanta, GA

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